Leaving Lockdown

A Change in Life As We Know It It's May 2020, Spring is here and the weather is great, but we can't go out and enjoy it, we can't see our friends or family, and we can't travel. We have been in Lockdown for more than 2 months already due to a world wide Pandemic of the Cornavirus strain Covid-19. As with many things in this day and age there is a wealth of easily accessible statistics and information but one thing I have noticed is for every fact there are millions of conspiracy theories or pseudo scientific theories covering our social media platforms to the point we have stopped connecting with each other. I see friends and families arguing over or attacking each others opinions or interpretations of the lockdown regulations or even what is essential and what is not. I keep hearing the phrase we are all in the same boat or we are all in this together... But I really don't think we are... I find it is better described as; We are all in the same storm but we are not in…

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The Exposure Triangle for Beginners

When I was starting out in photography, the relationship between aperture shutter speed and ISO was mind boggling to me, no mater how many tutorials I watched or blogs I read I was just confused when I picked up the camera. So I thought I would take some time to explain in the most basic of terms how these 3 concepts work and why it is important to understand their relationship if you are just starting out and you want to move off of auto settings. The Exposure Triangle Aperture, shutter speed, and ISO make up the three sides of the exposure triangle. They balance together in order to produce a photo that is properly exposed. If one element changes, then one of the others must also change to keep the correct or same exposure. What is Shutter Speed? Shutter speed is the length of time light is allowed to hit the sensor. It is measured in seconds. Shutter speed is probably the easiest of the exposure triangle sides to understand. To increase the amount of light, you need to increase the length of the exposure. Below I…

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Setting up my Studio

A New Style of Photography Patrice bought me a photography studio kit while I was pregnant and I couldn't wait to get started on taking photos of my little girl! I spent weeks practicing on a teddy bear, working out where to put the lights and how to position the camera to get the right angles. I was used to taking candid shots of kids in the classroom or in the family shoots, so the studio presented me with a new style to explore... taking posed pictures. Baby Photography Charlotte arrived and as soon as everything settled and we had time to ourselves, I got straight in to the Studio to take the pictures I had been planning for months! At this point I still wasn't using any post production editing software but I opted to add some vignetting using the basic instagram filters X-Pro II or Moon for creating black and white. My sizing was also all over the place, despite all my practicing with angles to shoot from it was different with a real life model wriggling about! Some cropping was essential to hide…

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What’s in a Lens?

A Standard lens and Auto mode My photography life was ticking over nicely in Dubai.  <Read about but Journey from Hobbyist to Professional Here>. I had broken my trusty Canon EOS 1100D with one too many drops to the floor or drinks spilt over it and so I had invested in an upgrade (second hand) to the Canon EOS 600D, a slightly more technical model but it didn’t matter to me as I was still mostly using Auto settings anyway. I was producing regular work, I was known in the right circles, I was loving life. I started to teach my self how to use the camera but in all honesty when using the standard canon 18-55mm lens in close proximity and night clubs, with the ever changing lighting, auto mode worked just fine for me and my style. It allowed me to produce a high yield of photos and more chances to get it right!! It was lazy but it worked. A long distance lens I spent much of my free time teaching my self how to use a lens that had been bought for…

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From Hobbyist to Professional.

The designated photo taker… For years I have been your trusty friend who takes the pictures… I’ve been photographically documenting our lives; nights out, nights in, messy states, days out, concerts, festivals, holidays, weddings, kids etc… whatever is happening you can rest assured I would be there with my camera… I have some where in the region of 900+ albums on my Facebook personal account alone… In 2008 a friend jokingly made a group ‘I’ve officially been tagged by Linda Steele’ It was a running joke that you would wake up after a night out to find the entire night captured frame by frame and you would be tagged before the sun came up the following day! They even used to run competitions to guess how many people used my pictures as profile pictures… We once counted over 30!The thing is I love photos… I love capturing people in the moment… I love capturing genuine moments of joy and happiness… In the beginning… I guess my love for photography was inspired by my Grampa Steele… He wasn’t the best photographer and framing the shot was just…

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